I truly love lifting weights. I mean, really I do. But I don’t have the same time that I used to have when I was younger.  When I was in my 20s with no kids  I could literally workout 2 times a day and sometimes I could catch a cool 3 to 5 mile run

  • A Few Things That I’ve Learned As A World Class Coach

    I’ve been blessed to be schooled as a teacher and to have worked as a coach. Do I teach? Yes, of course I do, but as much as I love teaching….. I REALLY love coaching. Why? Well, in teaching I am charged with the responsibility of making sure information is presented in a clear fashion.

  • Relationships (Marriages)

    Lets talk about the 80/20 rule…. I think people don’t apply it correctly! Most people refer to the 80% as the needs of a relationship and the 20% are referred to as the wants or considered not as important. Most people would say the needs of the relationship are your living needs within a family.

  • Fathers Day journey to meet family in Jamaica Day 2-4….

    Friday was chill day as we relaxed around the resort and enjoyed the beach, the activities, festivities, concerts, food, rain and sunshine! Saturday, the same ting ah gwan but more rain on this day! My cousin Bibby (he sooooo BLACK; a dark version of me. Lol – from my mommy side) came to the resort

  • Music; Food for the Soul

    Through personal experiences I have found that the harmonious notes strung together to make a beautiful melody can replenish the soul in ways that are incomprehensible. And it is not just the soul which it can fill with healing, but your whole being, your body and all that’s within it. A magnificent way to escape

  • Journey to meet family – Jamaica Day 1!!!!

    As we wait for our shuttle van to take us to our hotel, a friendly vendor man tells my brother, “you Jamaican man but you gwan a foreign and turn foreign.” Then he looks at me and said something similar bout me being Jamaican. I replied, my family is Jamaican and he said so you

  • Always Manage to Smile

    This week started off on a bit of a downer. Got told something I didn’t want to hear, and it kind of put me in a funk for most of the week. Yes, and I know what you’re thinking, you shouldn’t allow anything to get you down or get the best of you. The truth

  • #BossTipOfTheDay 6/5

    Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart…

  • Part 2…Women…

    Ok so here is the second part to “You made her that way”  As I mentioned in the first part OWNERSHIP. Now, points as a woman you have to own the fact that this guy was never worth a damn. He wasn’t shit when you met him and he probably ain’t shit now. As a

  • You made her that way…part 1 (MEN)

    What up everyone! So, I have a lot of female friends. I’m always asking them questions about relationships to get a better feel for one. Experience is definitely the best teacher. In my opinion you can’t tell me how to drive if you don’t have a car(get it?).  Anyway to the point….Why are you with