• Fathers Day journey to meet family in Jamaica Day 2-4….

    Friday was chill day as we relaxed around the resort and enjoyed the beach, the activities, festivities, concerts, food, rain and sunshine! Saturday, the same ting ah gwan but more rain on this day! My cousin Bibby (he sooooo BLACK; a dark version of me. Lol – from my mommy side) came to the resort to visit us. Bibby and I are the same age; we met in 2009 during the two weeks I visited for grandma funeral services;  however, I wish we grew up together. Back to Bibby visit…. Jamaica hotel visitation is strict! First hotel security wouldn’t let Bibby thru the gate because he don’t have his ID, so I went to see bout me leaving my ID for him to come thru. He got thru using my ID and we thought we was good other than their rules saying guests can’t eat or drink. We missed them say guests couldn’t go past the lobby so we thought we was good as we walked towards the rooms until security ran us down to keep us in the lobby. We made the best of the visit still. Then later after the concert of course something bad just haaaaad to happen… Unfortunately, to close the night out “we” got into “one of those” fights…. Because of the “situation”, it was for the most part unavoidable. I won’t go into details accept that the hotel security was alerted,  but that could have ruin the vacation and most importantly could have killed our plans for the morning trip to Kingston to meet my fathers family, the STEWART’S.
    Sunday – HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! Today is the big day to meet where I got my last name from, Kingston Jamaica. We prearranged from Saturday a cab driver to be at the hotel at 9am Sunday and he was there, ready! We loaded up the taxi van and on our way to Kingston we go. It was approximately a 3 hour drive so you know the temptation to sleep was there but sleep is a no no while visiting the “real” Jamaica (no tourist hotel site). So the breeze was blowing, donkeys strolling, stray dogs lurking, horses walking, cows/goats eating, people coolin, water flowing and music jammin!!!! We finally get to Kingston after driving from the main road to narrow roads, dirt roads, hills, ditches and even people freely in the streets. Our meeting spot is Hope Garden but before getting there we had to stop at tastee for some patties and they were good! As we wait at Hope Garden, we saw a mango tree and a rasta mon climbed the tree just like I used to in my youth days and he picked about 12 mangos and they were good! We are still waiting because the family was at church; however, after a while as it began to rain, we see one man with two kids walking toward our way from afar. My mom, thru the frustration of the long wait and the rain, she yelled out, “Jim”, guessing it was my fathers oldest brother of twelve. Everyone accept I yelled back to my mom, “stop guessing!” Lol. As he got closer, I pointed towards him as if I knew it was him too. Then he got closer and I yelled, “Jim!” After his nod, I corrected myself and yelled, “Uncle Jim!” lol. It was surely him! Immediately after the hugs, he began telling stories to connect us mentally. It began to rain harder as more of our family started to appear. We asked if they had a backup plan for another meeting spot because of the rain but they said no. Hope Garden was chosen as the meeting spot because there is a huge tree which they pointed out to me saying that the tree was concencrated/dedicated years ago with my great grandma and designated as the family meeting spot which they said can’t hold all the STEWART’S if we all that are alive assembled there at the park. Wow!!!! I was instantly overwhelmed because of all the family that I have and never knew, the traditions, history and of course the present time. Finally, after a few good family stories in the rain, they decided to move our gathering to Sovereign Mall. Once we got there, Lord of mercy, more family appeared and they said we still haven’t seen nothing yet!
    Finally meeting my father’s side of my family is a blessing! Our genes are extra strong because my brother and I individually saw our twins that were only our cousins. So this explains why people tell me my son(s) are a spit image of me. Big-ups to my cousin Deamion Stewart! I wish we grew up together as we had an instant bond. While in Sovereign mall, Deamion introduced me to Reggae star music artist and poet Yasus Afari; he embraced me and video recorded him giving me his blessings. We exchanged contact info and I gave him my latest album, PreGame. View the big-up on www.youtube.com/PSSKINGP.
    So now that we’ve connected to my STEWART family, the mission now is to find my father, which is very similar to finding Waldo or Nemo. Lol. I am looking forward to that day and thanking God in advance!!!!
    Today is Monday and all day is relaxation day or better yet mediation day to reflect, cool off and give thanks! So far, no rain today so I did plenty of pool and beach swimming, eating and just chilling out. My cousin Caula (mommy side) came to the resort to visit and on Wednesday she will come back to take us to visit my mothers side of family who I reconnected (since living in Lime Hall of Saint Ann Jamaica as a kid) with in 2009 while in Jamaica for Grandma Winifred’s funeral/celebration of life. As I said on Jamaica day 1 blog; it is good to be home! Big-up Jam-rock!

  • Posted by Johaiza on June 18, 2013 at 4:36 am

    Wow!! I love this blog. I got emotional and tears ran down. I am very happy for you and Thanking God for this blessing. Thanking him in advance too b/c you will soon meet your dad, or Waldo..? wait, or is it Nemo? lol..na, but soon that day will come. That will be an amazingly overwhelming day! SMIILES!! Continue enjoying vacation at home. Take care. Blessings and Love! :-)


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