I truly love lifting weights. I mean, really I do. But I don’t have the same time that I used to have when I was younger.  When I was in my 20s with no kids :-)  I could literally workout 2 times a day and sometimes I could catch a cool 3 to 5 mile run during my lunch break.

    But now, the weight that I lift is different. The weight of life is what I lift now and as the weight increases so does the strength of my faith and my character.

    It is what I like to call — “Character Weight Lifting”

    To Explain…..

    When life, adds weight to the bar or when I add it myself, I don’t look at the stress and/or strain as being negative. I look at it and perceive it the same way I did when I was lifting. I look at it as if I’m about to hit a new “PR”.

    For those of you who are not in the workout community, a “PR” is a personal record. For those of us who workout, we LIVE for PRs.


    Because they let us know that we are advancing. That we are improving and that we are increasing in our strength and stamina. However, sometimes we don’t carry this over into our real life and real world activities.

    Lifting Opportunities

    Throughout the day, you will be confronted with numerous opportunities to strengthen your faith and character. Extra weight will be added on to the bar and what you should do is get hyped up. Get psyched and get excited about the chance to hit a new PR.

    If your supervisor puts something on your desk and says, “I need this by the end of the day!” Say to yourself, “End of the day?  Mortals can do it by the end of the day. I’m superhuman. I will knock this out in the next 2 hours!!”

    Now….. I don’t be no fool either. Do the work in the next 2 hours, but…. don’t hand that sh– in, until the end of the day!! LOL!!

    You will also be confronted with choice concerning how you want to respond to hardships or calamity. Take these, also, as an opportunity to strengthen your person, your character.

    Personally, I have a new and welcomed challenge on my plate. Well, my family does. And it is an exciting time for me to become a more loving and giving person. It is a welcomed challenge and one that I am glad that God has chosen, selected and called me for because I

    There’s another 5 on each side, but I know that I can get it up even though it feels heavy.

    I’m getting ready to hit a new ANOTHER new PR in 2013 and I hope that you hit one too.

    Take care.

    Dedicated to your improvement,

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
    2004 Olympian
    Coach & Author

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