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    Lets talk about the 80/20 rule…. I think people don’t apply it correctly! Most people refer to the 80% as the needs of a relationship and the 20% are referred to as the wants or considered not as important. Most people would say the needs of the relationship are your living needs within a family. These living needs include but not limited to cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, contributing to paying the bills, saying I love you and some loving (sex) every now and then. What I just described is what most consider as the 80%. The 20% is more so desires or wants that include but not limited to having more sex, plenty gifts of material things, helping or supporting to your partner’s dreams and goals, etc. Each relationship is different and therefore people have different needs and wants. So what you may need in your relationship maybe different from what I or others need in their relationship. However, as I stated I believe most people apply the 80/20 rule incorrectly. There is a difference between living needs/wants and relationship needs/wants…. Follow me here…. Your living needs/wants are: cooking, cleaning, contributing to paying the bills, gifts of material things, etc. Your relationship needs/wants are: love, good loving (sex), helping or supporting to your partner’s dreams and goals, sharing the responsibility of taking care of kids, love, good loving (sex) and more sex, if i didn’t mentioned that already…. Your relationship needs/wants are more important than your living needs within a marriage, especially in love because your relationship needs/wants are what nourishes the relationship and keeps it alive! I believe the 20% is just as important as the 80% but you must determine what your relationship needs are and make sure those needs are being met within the relationship, otherwise you are headed towards an unhappy home and most likely will be singing Tina’s song, “What’s love got to do with it!”

    With that being said, congrats to my Omega Linebrother who is getting married right about now…..well weddings as you know don’t start on time most times… Congrats to other weddings around the world on his day as well. Peace and Blessings!!!!

  • Posted by Johaiza on June 25, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Well said. I truly agree and believe the difference between living needs and relationship needs. People tend to mistake that often. And of-course for everyone those needs and wants are different depending on their relationships. But the 80/20 rule is stated showing that on the average, a marriage at best is 80. Well, I don’t want to be average and believe that with God and having a spiritual connection with my significant other, we can have a relationship that its best is above 80. Communication is key and helps to be better than that of an Average 80/20. Blessings and Love! :-)


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