• The wait is over….Something like that!

    We haven’t done a show in a while, a few years to be exact, well to be precisely exact, it’s been since June 2013. Well folks, as of now, that wait continues…. However, the gigging never ends, so catch PSS performing at other events or even better, book me for your next event!

    On one of my last blogs, I talk about wanting to create a new sound. I am still working on that; however, in the process we’ve created some new material that will lead to my next album that I have already titled. I’ll share the album’s title another time.

    In the mean time, between time, give a good listen to my new single, TRAP SAX right here on my website, www.PhillipSolomonStewart.com. TRAP SAX will officially release on this Saturday, May 21, 2016 and will be available for download on iTunes and other online music stores soon after. We’ll share more about TRAP SAX on Saturday but until then take advantage of the free download currently on the site… Peace!

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